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To save you the trouble, we’ve made the ULEZ postcode checker tool as straightforward as possible. 

Simply enter your postcode, such as E1 6AA, EC2A 3HX, EC4R 9AF, click ‘Check’ and you will get your results straight away.

The tool will check your postcode against the TFL ULEZ database.


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ULEZ Exempt Cars

You could save thousands by upgrading your car to a ULEZ compliant one.

What you need to know about ULEZ

If you live in the ULEZ zone you will need to pay ULEZ unless your car is ULEZ compliant. Check your car to see if you need to pay ULEZ charge.

As of 25 October 2021, ULEZ covers a single larger zone up to, but not including, the North Circular Road (A406) and the South Circular Road (A205).

18 times the original size, an estimated 3.8 million residents will be affected by the benefits and knock-on effects of the scheme. 

ulez map

Which vehicles are exempt?

Typically any car sold before 2006 is considered ULEZ non-compliant, meaning that your car’s tailpipe emissions are likely above the strict EU emissions standards. You will be expected to pay the daily £12.50 (£100 for lorries, buses, and coaches) fee to drive anywhere within the zone.

To avoid paying the ULEZ charge, your vehicle needs to meet the following current standards:

  • Petrol cars & vans: Euro 4 standards (vehicles registered before 2005 typically don’t qualify)
  • Diesel cars & vans: Euro 6 standards (most vehicles registered before 2006 aren’t compliant)
  • Motorbikes: Euro 3 standards (generally most pre-2007 don’t meet the requirements)
  • Buses, coaches & lorries: must meet Euro 6 standards

Other exemptions include any pure electric vehicle (EV) as they produce zero tailpipe emissions, vintage vehicles built prior to January 1981, and some types of agricultural and industrial vehicles. Check our ULEZ checker tool here to see if you are liable to pay the charge. 

Look out for signage

Throughout the ULEZ area, there are signs at every entry point so you can see when you have entered the zone. There are also a series of ULEZ information signs installed on surrounding major roads.

Don’t expect to see any barriers or toll booths installed within the ULEZ boundary. Instead, a series of over 1,300 number plate recognition cameras are dotted throughout the city so that your information can be checked against the TfL’s database. This will alert them automatically whether or not your vehicle meets the ULEZ emissions standards.

Failure to register and pay any fees (if applicable) will earn you a £160 fine every day you drive within the zone. 

How do I pay for ULEZ?

If your vehicle is non-ULEZ compliant, you will have to pay the £12.50 daily fee (or £100 for lorries, coaches, and buses), no matter how far you travel within the zone.

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