Unsure of where London’s ULTRA LOW EMISSIONS ZONE (ULEZ for short) extends to? 

We’ve put together this handy map to highlight exactly where ULEZ daily charges apply. 

In short, the ULEZ covers the same ground as London’s existing congestion charge (Please note that it does not replace this charge though). 

It’s hard to say whether this will remain the same or the boundaries will move as the scheme is reviewed regularly. 

The ULEZ Map

Currently, the boundaries of the Ultra Low Emissions Zone are: 


(correct at time of publication. Source)

As you can see from the map, the Ultra Low Emission Zone Is boundaried by the A501 in the north, the A5/4202 in the West, The A3204/201 in the South and the A1210/100 in the East. 

Providing you are driving outside of these areas, regardless of vehicle type, you will not be subject to the ULEZ charge. However, as soon as you drive within the Ultra Low Emissions Zone, your vehicle is likely to be subject to a charge (depends on vehicle type). 

Please note, the Ultra Low Emissions Zone operates 24hrs a day, year round with the exception of Christmas day. 

There are proposals in place to expand the ULEZ in 2021. The zone will expand significantly to include anything within the circular roads between the north and south of London. 

See proposed zone map here

Within these zones, charges are different depending on your vehicle type. Please check elsewhere on our site for your specific vehicle type. 

Resident of London? 

There’s good and bad news for London residents regarding the Ultra Low Emission Zone charges. You are entitled to register for a 100% discount until October 2021 in order to buy time to acquire a greener vehicle. 

After that date, the bad news is that the charges are applicable whether you live in London or not.