ULEZ Checker

As you are probably aware, the Ultra Low Emissions Zone (or ULEZ for short) is the Mayor of London’s latest strategy to tackle pollution in the capitol. 


With plans to massively expand the ULEZ in coming years, it is really important motorists are aware of whether the charge applies to them or not. 

We have developed this handy ULEZ Checker to help you to figure out if you are liable to the ULEZ charge or not. 

Lots of motorists could be liable to charges and even penalty charges if they do not pay the ULEZ standing charge. Therefore, it’s really important London’s road users know if the charges apply to them or not. 

How to use the ULEZ checker

We wanted to make this tool as straightforward as possible. 

So, without having to read through extensive lists of definitions, user manuals and regulations, all you need to do is enter your registration number. 

ULEZ Check

Then, simply tell us if the car was registered in or outside of the United Kingdom. That’s it. 

Once you’ve done that, we’ll let you know if you are liable to pay the ULEZ charge for your vehicle or not. 

What should I do after checking my registration? 

Once you’ve checked your registration, you can browse the rest of our site to find out more about ULEZ including: 

It is really important you know how to pay the charge if it applies to you as, without prompt payment, motorists are being charged significant penalties. 

Please refer to our handy guide on paying the ULEZ charge for more information and to arm yourself with the right knowledge. 

Of course, sometimes penalty charges are simply unfair. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to appealing against the ULEZ penalty charge.