Regardless of how you feel about ULEZ, non payment can lead to some pretty hefty penalty charges. 

We’ve compiled everything you need to know about paying ULEZ charges if your vehicle doesn’t meet the ULEZ standards.

The good news is that Transport For London (TFL) has made the process of paying the ULEZ charge really simple. 

How much is the ULEZ charge? 

The daily rate is £12.50 and can be paid up to 90 days in advance of the actual journey date. 

If you are driving a lorry, bus or any other heavy vehicle, the charge is £100 per day. 

What happens if I don’t pay ULEZ? 

Unfortunately, for non-payments of the ULEZ charge, motorists are liable for penalty fees between £160 and £1000. 

There are discounts on these penalty charges if they are paid early. 

So how do I pay ULEZ charges? 

There are a number of ways you can pay. 

  • Online via the TFL website
  • Set up automatic payments (direct debit or card)
  • Use the TFL pay to drive in London app (on Android and iPhone)
  • By telephone: 0343 222 2222 (other numbers available on TFL website)

Can I get a ULEZ discount? 

For some individuals, discounts are available. These include residents of London, people who own a vehicle for disabled people, taxis, private hire vehicles and historic vehicles. 

There are also discounts available for farm vehicles, military vehicles, certain types of mobile cranes and excavators. 

Discounts are not automatically applied. If you think you are eligible for a discount, you need to contact TFL.  Some discounts and exemptions are automatic (such as the historic vehicle discount). 

Some discounts are permanent and some are temporary, acting as a “grace period” to allow you time to buy a greener vehicle. 



  1. Emmanuel Grodzinski on

    i have changed my car A41SYW to a Renault Zoe electric car. i have registered the change with the Congestion Charge. How do i register the change with ULEZ?

  2. I want to drive from SE19 3HP to SE22 0HW without having to pay the ULEZ charge.
    Can I drive along the South Circular and park in Barry Road SE22 0HW without charge after 25th October.

    My car is NV64JYR

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