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Will Diesel Cars Be Banned In London?

Knowing what the future holds can be one of lifes many burdens. Now that diesel-fuelled cars have been given an expiry date on the UK’s roads, its hard to know what life in the fast lane will look like post 2040.  With the many advances in emissions technology, diesel is currently here to stay. But


What Happens If You Forget To Pay ULEZ?

Meetings, deadlines and life itself can all get in the way of some of the most crucial steps we need to take in our daily lives. Although paying the ULEZ daily charge may not feel like a necessity, you can bet your bottom dollar that the enforcement officers will follow up any debts they are


Should I Avoid Buying A Diesel Car?

London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone came into force on April 8th 2019. With the new scheme, a range of standards came into force, and the city’s roads have never looked the same.  For diesel drivers, the most significant changes were presented, and a hefty £12.50 daily charge came into place. Affecting millions of drivers in

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Can I Check If I Have Driven In The ULEZ Zone?

Accidents do happen, and knowing when you have made them is sometimes much harder to discern. Checking to see if you have driven through the ULEZ Zone is no easy task.  London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone is the first of its kind. With it comes innovative number recognition technology that is dotted throughout the city

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How Do I Know If My Car Is EURO 6?

Now that London is getting used to the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ), there’s still a lot of confusion when it comes to emission standards. With the world’s focus on the environment, keeping toxic nitrous oxide levels down is all part of the UK’s plan to improve air quality.  Since 1992, the Euro emissions standard has

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Do I Pay ULEZ If I Live In The Zone?

Covering most of Central London, the Ultra Low Emission Zone was created to tackle the city’s high toxic fume levels. Since its inception in April 2019, nitrous oxide (NO2) levels have plummeted, and air quality has improved.  So what does this mean for London’s residents?  ULEZ is leading the way on a global level for

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What’s The Difference Between ULEZ and LEZ?

Straight off the bat, the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and Low Emission Zone (LEZ) operate separately from each other. Both are government strategies to combat rising tailpipe emissions throughout London.  You may have heard the phrase “emission standards” thrown around, but how does that relate to ULEZ and LEZ?  Both implement a daily charge

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Fees You Need To Pay To Drive In London

Steeped in history, culture, and incredible sights, London is one of the greatest cities on Earth. With that comes the unexpected fees. The hidden charges that make living in London all the more expensive.  The daily living costs are at an all-time high across the UK, and some industry’s and individuals are taking the biggest

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Ultra Low Emission Zone 2022 Map

Are you looking for the 2022 ULEZ map? Recently expanded, London’s ULTRA LOW EMISSION ZONE (ULEZ) has undergone many changes since it was first rolled out in April 2019.  With road traffic causing the most pollution in Greater London, ULEZ is designed to improve air quality by reducing emissions. As a result, the ULEZ scheme


Everything You Need To Know About ULEZ

For some, London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ for short) is the perfect weapon in the fight against pollution.  For others, the zone has been shrouded in controversy.  Some have even deemed the scheme, “A stealth tax” that could, “hit poor people the hardest”.  We’ve decided to put this site and article together to help

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