ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone)

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At a glance, ULEZ stands for Ultra Low Emission Zone. 

The ULEZ represents an area of central London where certain vehicle owners will be charged a daily rate for driving their vehicle within the zone. 

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Charges are based on the type and amount of emissions your vehicle produces as well as the type of vehicle you are driving and are aimed at reducing emissions in central London. 

The aim of ULEZ is to reduce pollution within the nation’s capital and meet both national and international green targets. 

London’s ULEZ is not the same as a congestion charge zone or the similarly named LEZ, it is its own distinct area within London (although just to confuse things, it is within the congestion charge zone). 

The ULEZ was first introduced after a recognition that illegal levels of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Particulate Matter (PM) existed within the capital and contributed to the ill health of some of London’s most vulnerable people. 

The ULEZ aims to reduce these dangerous levels and protect London’s young, elderly and those suffering respiratory problems. In doing so, London hopes to be a safer city for people who live in, work in or visit the capitol.

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