You are probably here because you have heard about ULEZ. 

We expect you’re wondering if the ULEZ charges of £12.50 each day apply to you. 

This is why we’ve put together a series of mini-articles detailing common questions about ULEZ. 

We really hope you come away from our site feeling well equipped with all the knowledge you need about ULEZ. For better or for Worse, ULEZ is here to stay and is affecting more and more people every day. 

Read on if you’re worried about if: 

  • The ULEZ applies to your vehicle
  • You have to pay an ULEZ penalty
  • You need to pay more than £12.50 per day. 

What exactly is the ULEZ? 

Many people have heard of the ULEZ. Many have seen the green signs cropping up all over London. 

But what exactly does ULEZ stand for? What does it mean? 

The acronym ULEZ simply stands for: Ultra Low Emission Zone. 

The ULEZ is an area of London where certain types of vehicles will be liable to a charge (starting from £12.50 and running up to £100) for using the road. 

The aim behind the ULEZ is to incentivise road users for using cleaner, greener cars. By charging road users responsible for high pollution levels to use London’s roads, the hope is that these road users will think twice about their journey. 

ULEZ is based on evidence that significant proportions of London’s most vulnerable are dying as a result of the illegal levels of air pollution within the capital. 

Do I need to pay the ULEZ?

You must pay the ULEZ if you intend to drive a vehicle that doesn’t conform to European Emission Standards. 

The EU standards are as follows: 

  • Motorbikes, mopeds, motorised tricycles and quadricycles – Standard 3
  • Petrol cars, minibuses, specialist vehicles et al- Standard 4 (NOx)
  • Diesel cars, vans/mini buses, specialist vehicles- Standard 6 (NOx & PM) 
  • Lorries, coaches, busses and other heavy vehicles- Standard VI (NOx and PM)

It is sometimes quite tricky to find out this information about your specific vehicle. 

By far, the easiest way to quickly check if you need to pay the ULEZ is to use the ULEZ Checker tool. 

What happens if I don’t pay ULEZ charge? 

Unfortunately, not paying the ULEZ is not an option. For those who do not pay the charges (if the charges apply), a penalty charge of £160 (£80 if payment is made early) will be applied. 

This Penalty charge can rise significantly for heavier vehicles up to £1000 (£500 for early payment). 

The ULEZ is policed by a sophisticated system of cameras using the latest AI technology to track and trace those not paying the ULEZ. 

There are circumstances where you can appeal the ULEZ penalty. You will find more information about this elsewhere on our site. 

Whatever your opinion about ULEZ, it looks set to stay in place and even grow. We recommend reading the other articles on this site and using the ULEZ checker to make sure you know all there is to know about ULEZ. 


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